• Josh Torres

Attention Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas: 2021

The Medical Spa's and Cosmetic Surgeons I speak to usually struggle with at least one of the following, which if improved could generate handsome returns.

1. Posting for the sake of posting:

Meaning there's no intention behind posting content and no clear process to revenue.

2. No Strategy:

Having a strategy doesn't mean posting or running an ad. That's the equivalent of driving a car with a blindfold on. You are driving the car but have no idea where you're going.

3. Not following up:

From my experience this one has been one of the most common struggles for business owners in the past few months. Why? Probably because they don't have the right systems in place to follow up. You'd be surprised how effective it is to have the right tools in place to turn someone that barely knows you end up becoming a fan of your services.

4. Expecting immediate results:

Results take time. Some more time than others. Establish your foundation and respect the process required to generate results.

I put this out here because now you can hold a mirror reflecting back to your business and know what areas you probably need to focus on (again, from my experience).

If you need some direction on how to turn these areas into strengths, send me a DM. I can help point you in the right direction.

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