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  • Josh Torres

Does your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice Need Ideas for your Content Creation Plan?

Need ideas for your content creation plan?

Start microdosing your content.

By microdosing you're breaking down larger, more complex topics into bite size pieces that are easy to understand.

Not only is bite-size content easier to consume, but it's easier to create and the message becomes easier to digest.

Seeing content that's too long to read or watch can be a turnoff for some.

Let's use Botox as an example.

A common service offerend by many Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas across the country.

Think of all the questions you've been asked as a Plastic Surgeon by your patients, and turn that into images or videos that you can continuously use to educate or entertain your social media audience.

- What is Botox?

- Who is Botox for?

- What should you not do before and after Botox?

- How long does it last?

- Who shouldn’t use Botox?

- Is Botox only for women?

- Will my face still look natural?

- Do I need to be over a certain age to use Botox?

(Remember, no question is too basic or common to answer).

The possibilities are endless!

All from one topic.

The more you take big and complex topics and digest them into bite size pieces that are easy to consume, the more people you’ll attract to your medical practice. ✌🏼

To your success,

Josh Torres

CEO of BlueMediaOnline


If you're interested in working with us, send me an email at or book a call directly with us through here -->

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