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How Google Trends can give you ideas into what social media content to create next

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If you’re new to the digital marketing space, you know how much information comes up everytime you type in something in Google’s search bar. You need only write the words ‘digital’, ‘entrepreneur’ or social media’ and a myriad of autofill words pop out in your screen. It’s just so time consuming to go through all these search queries and decide what topic you want to focus on when writing your next blog. In reality you shouldn’t be guessing because there’s a much easier method. Which brings me to the topic of today…

I decided to write about Google Trends because it’s such a powerful platform I feel most people don't use, especially in the digital marketing space. As a social media agency owner, I see people planing their content out of feel, desire or what first pops into their mind. Spontaneity is great, but if you’re trying the be strategic into the type of content you’re either bringing to your audience, you need a strategy in place. And a great place to get started is by using Google Trends.

The beautiful thing about this tool is its ease of use. It’s just way too simple to use in my opinion. And that’s a good thing.

It starts by telling you whats popular right now by region, state and worldwide. Let’s use an imaginary example. Let’s assume digital marketing is the popular topic by region, specifically digital marketing in Las Vegas. When clicking here it gives me a list of the top states digital marketing is trending at, a graph of how its been trending over day and time, and related searches.

One of the sections I recommend paying attention to is related searches or queries. Here you’ll see a list of keywords that are rising in popularity and topics that are at the top of the industry.

There’s a few interesting points you can take from this image. First, the top queries are pinned as Breakout. These are topics people around that specific area are popular or trending. Second, if you notice the +300% in steep digital marketing and +250% in digital agency near me, you’ll notice that specific topic is being searched more. These are both very good data points to know if you are looking for topics to write about. Using keywords and phrases that are constantly searched and including them in your next blog article or home page website, is a good strategy to implement.

As a digital marketer you need to be constantly optimizing, especially in such a changing industry. What was working 2 years ago may not be working today. If we dive deeper using the same example, you can either decide to write a blog about this topic (meaning written word), or you can also create a podcast episode and a YouTube video where you talk about this. This allows you the be multi-channel and spread your content into other mediums.

This is called repurposing content. Its a strategy used by many big agencies because it allows you to keep your content fresh and evergreen. Let’s use a single 5 minute YouTube video, for example. From that video you can transcribe it and post it in your personal blog, and share it in Medium. You can cut that video and create 2-5 short 15-30 second clips and post them in Instagram and Facebook. As if that weren’t enough, you can also take key points you made in the video and create a few Tweets as well.

This just goes to show you the power of using your content strategically. The only disadvantage of utilizing this strategy, you cant plan out this type of content. Once you create your video, only then, you can dissect it and take what you need to create your content marketing strategy.

There’s another related avenue you can use when creating content, and that’s creating 'free guides' such as 'the ultimate social media marketing guide', 'top 10 tools to grow your business'. All you need to do is replace the keywords that related to your business and fill it in with your niche keywords. Make sure when creating your social media content to use keywords that will help you rank higher in the Google algorithm, which can lead to more business opportunities, getting discovered by new people, and business growth.

If you’re interested in checking what keywords are the best ones in your industry, there's a free tool you can use from Neil Patel, called Just type in any keyword or URL and you'll have the necessary data to make informed marketing decisions. With this tool you can collect even more data of every specific keyword possible, so you know what other big brands are using to grow their business and get more organic traffic.

Give it a try, its free and a great tool to use.

If you need any help with getting more leads into your business, creating content that converts, feel free to message me at

Until next time,

Josh Torres

CEO of BlueMediaOnline

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