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Why you should hire a Las Vegas Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019 to grow your Online Business.

As the year is well under way, the digital marketing industry has exploded and with good reason. Everyone has a social media account, wether it's a personal facebook account or a Instagram account to share pictures and experiences with family and friends, we're all connected online. If you're a business owner looking to get into the digital marketing space, you'll need some help, and a digital marketing agency can help you put out great content, assist you in setting up your facebook, and get you the results you want using social media.

As online marketing keeps growing, the need for having a social media manager is higher than ever. What does hiring a social media marketer mean? It means you need someone to be at the top of all your social media content creation and distribution. Someone that is posting high quality content constantly, creating engaging social content, improving your website, funnel or landing page with SEO or search engine optimization, making sure you're optimizing for the best keywords, creating backlinks, writing up to date blogs to help you rank higher and improve your odds in the search results, advertising using Google PPC, Instagram ads and Facebook ads, building your email list (knowing what the best email subject lines are doesn't hurt either), and using messenger marketing and bot creation. So without further ado, let's dive in.

Starting with Facebook ads and Instagram ads. The first thing you need to know is that Facebook has a personal, social side and a business side. In the business side is where you create the ads and perform a multitude of other functions. One of the first things you would want to do is install into your website what's called a Facebook Pixel. Whenever a visitor lands in your website, your Facebook Pixel will start firing and you'll be able to 'tag' website visitors. You can then target the 'tagged' people and create different retargeting ads to get them to convert by purchasing your products or hiring for your services. All of this is can be done by a skilled web designer or by a facebook manager. For example, when you go into Amazon and view a product and jump back into Facebook, you'll most likely see an ad of the product you just viewed. That's all possible because of the Facebook Pixel. You can track it in your desktop or with mobile apps, such as Analytics.

Hiring a Las Vegas social media marketing agency to help you manage the backend of Facebook is always a good idea. Companies such as Blue Media Online focus on taking all the responsibilities off your hands so you can solely focus on running your business and not get distracted by the business marketing side. It's easy to get unfocused with all the nuances digital media brings to the table. From SEO to advertising in all platforms, it can get quite complex for the average business owner. Which is why at Blue Media Online we offer free video audits to help you understand how implementing some of the strategies we use can be very beneficial for your company and help it grow.

However, there's much more that goes into running profitable campaigns than just choosing the right social media marketing companies. You need to know your ideal customer, your audience and perform market research. Market research involves going into your own domain name and verifying what is currently working and what's not. By using tools such as Semrush (my personal favorite), Ahrefs, Majestic , you can analyze what your competitors are doing, what is generating results for them, and how to tap into their traffic sources and get some of that traffic for yourself. These tools are not free to use, but they come with the job description if you're looking to improve your Google ranking. As a community manager, I recommend taking the time to go in and analyze your competitors content marketing strategy and apply some of these strategies. If you don't know how to do any of this, hiring the best social media marketing agency in Las Vegas, aka. Blue Media Online, we can point you in the right direction.

Going a bit deeper into the internet marketing space, having someone specifically for ads management will help you improve your marketing efforts, and in return get an increased ROI or return on investment. Something to keep in mind when advertising, is most users will consume your ads from mobile devices, compared to desktop. If you've been doing your homework, this would come as no surprise to you. Especially in the products or services industry. Regarding buying products online, research has shown that people love purchasing products through their phone. So why not focus on creating ads for that specific demographic with facebook advertisements?

The same goes to Instagram, nowadays you can tag your product on a post and people can just click on it and purchase directly from the platform without having to go to the online store directly. The user experience has been made really easy for the consumer, but you need to know who your audience is and it all starts with research.

An important aspect of creating profitable marketing campaigns is knowing who your ideal customer is. What they buy, from where they buy, at what prices, etc. For example, in order to have a successful online business, you need to choose and focus on one niche. Facebook has a great tool called Audience Insights.

The first thing we do as a las vegas social media marketing agency, is create a business manager account for that business. In the business manager, you'll be able to do everything from installing the Facebook pixel, viewing your analytics, to running profitable campaigns. Once created, you'll go to the Audience Insights section and type in keywords you want to target. For example, if you are selling clothes for cats, you would type in 'cats'. You'll get the name of different Facebook cat pages, cat products, who is more likely to buy, what their age is, their gender, where they live, their interests and much more information you wouldn't believe! Facebook is a data mine for geeks like me. I would go and visit each and every one of these pages and analyze what they post about, what they talk about, what kind of cat products the business owners are selling, among other things. This can give you a really good idea on what to focus on when creating your ads. If they're having results by selling that merchandise, why wouldn't you sell it as well? In the Facebook Fan Page, there's a section in the left tab called 'info and ads". This is where smart social media marketing agencies like us go to view what ads your competitors are running. This is how powerful and data oriented digital marketing has become with facebook ads.

Last but not least, there's a strategy that only a few people I've seen been implementing and it generates amazing results. It's called Messenger marketing. It's similar to email marketing, but much better, with much higher open rates and clickthrough rates. With platforms such as Manychat you can create different bots that guide your customer and deliver a unique user experience. For example, instead of sending people to subscribe to your email list and claim their '20% discount', why not send visitors directly to messenger, where they are much more likely to open the message interact with you and start meaningful conversations. You can create multiple sequences, a main menu for them to choose from, default replies, flows, and much more. For example, if you want to sell your course, you can create a nurture sequence to get people primed for your new course. Once they're warm enough, you can make your offer directly from messenger. You can also track who opened the message, who didn't and adjust your sequence from there. Messenger marketing is a very powerful tool and I recommend you take advantage of it and implement into your business.

We have our own messenger sequence you can check out. This can serve you as an example on how to create yours and increase your engagement as a social media marketing agency or business owner.

There are many great sources where you can learn more SEO, Digital Marketing and Facebook ads. One of the most knowledgeable people I know for SEO is Neil Patel. He's a digital marketing expert in the field and the creator of Uber Suggest, a keyword suggestion tool that lets you search for related keywords to your original keyword. If we use the example, digital marketer, some of the suggested keywords are digital marketer blogs, digital marketer near me, digital marketer tools... you get the point. You can also check which blog posts are dominating the digital marketing space and reach out to those people to create backlinks from those websites. All you need to do is email the page editor or publisher and ask them about sharing each others content to help each other out. When there's a will, there's a way.

Phew, that's a lot of content we just went through. Let's do a brief summary of what to look for in any top social media marketing agency. First, make sure they can help you with their services. Second, make sure they have active social media accounts that are managed and post great content regularly (ideally 4-5 times a week). Third, perform market research with some of the tools we mentioned above (Semrush, Majestic, Ahrefs). Make sure they're using tools to spy on what their competitors are doing with their marketing efforts. Next, use the facebook ads manager to start promoting your content and analyze the results you're getting (don't forget to install the Facebook pixel). Use messenger to create flows, sequences and increase your open rates dramatically (you can still use email marketing. It's just good to have more than one channel to reach your customers). And finally, make sure the marketing agency your hiring is doing a good job by generating results. Talk to them, ask them questions. They're there to help you, just like we're here to help you.

If you have any questions or would like to do business with Blue Media Online, just send us an email at with some basic information (what type of business do you have, do you have a website, have you done marketing before, what platforms are you using, what's your marketing budget, what are your marketing goals), and we would be glad to help you get more traffic, increase your sales and build a brand that lasts.

Until next time,

Josh Torres

CEO of Blue Media Online









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