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How Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas Can Do This One Thing To Attract More Paying Patients

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What's the one thing you need in order to attract more business to your Medical Practice? Identify and market to your ideal customers!

If you want to start 2022 on the right foot, there is one thing you want to be extremely clear about regardless of your marketing strategy. And that’s having a clear picture of who you are targeting.

I see it all the time.

You start advertising, running Facebook and Instagram ads, posting great content and even have a kick-ass offer, but unless your ideal clients see it and engage with you, people won't buy from you.

And with good reason.

Not everyone is a buyer of your services or products.

Thinking that the less targeted you are, the broader and bigger your client pool is, only means you'll leave a lot more money on the table.

You end up spending time and money trying to engage with people that aren’t a good fit to buy from you.

That’s when “bad leads” start showing up.

When in reality, the quality of the leads and appointments booked aren’t the problem.

It’s not correctly knowing who your ideal customers are.

That's what will lead to an abundance of high quality leads, low no-shows and higher bookings.

So unless you become crystal clear on who you want to attract and do business with, you'll keep repeating the same core digital marketing mistakes over and over again.

And one last thing…

The language you use, the way you show up, the content you post and the things you say have a HUGE impact on the type of person you attract as well.

Be mindful of these things when creating content and running ads for your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice or Medical Spa, and you’ll see revenue increase and results improve.

To your marketing success, Josh Torres Owner of Blue Media Online


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