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  • Josh Torres

“How to create high quality content and be more efficient with your time by scheduling your Posts."

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Has the thought of engaging your audience MULTIPLE times a day, on MULTIPLE platforms almost given you an anxiety attack? If it has, don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Schedule your post to relieve anxiety and free up more time to focus in on other task. Here are some of the benefits to scheduling post:

1. Create more quality content: Instead of feeling rushed and having to think of great content to write on the spot, take 1–2 days to write out your content for the rest of the week (or even month). This allows you to take the time to create the highest quality content possible, with no deadline breathing down your neck.

2. Post consistently: Lets face it, we all have lives outside of work and things can pop up at any minute. Let’s say a new project at work comes up and you completely forgot to post that day. When scheduling a post, you pre-determine what days and specific times your post will be released, assuring you’ll never miss a day without content.

3. Reach more of your audience: Some people within our audiences are up at completely different times. Some are morning birds, other night owls. No longer will you have to worry about waking up extra early or setting an alarm to wake up at 2AM to send a post. Schedule your post to make sure everyone from your audience is able to engage with your brand, regardless of their work hours and time zones.

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How do you schedule your post? Here at BlueMediaOnline we use excellent scheduling tools that we recommend to everyone, such as SproutSocial and Hootsuite. If you have any questions on setting up a post scheduling system, don’t hesitate to reach out, our team would love to help!

Talk soon,

Josh Torres

Owner of BlueMediaOnline

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