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Is email dead?

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Email open rates keep decreasing. Is there a solution to this?

The truth is there are some technicalities you can look up to make sure your message is being delivered into someones inbox, but that doesn't mean that the recipient will read your email.

Instead of focusing on that, which will only impact your numbers minimally, I would recommend to focus on the content you are providing.

Think about it this way, when reading anything online, you probably consume content because you are curious to learn more and educate yourself in a certain subject. But when someone immediately tries to sell you something, you start to feel uncomfortable, may ignore what they are saying and leave the page all-together.

The same principle applies to email. If you want more people to listen to what you have to say, engage with you in an authentic way and build your tribe of loyal followers, you need to give first.

There is a scarcity of people giving and lots of people selling. Which is one of the reasons why people don't read much email nowadays. It's all promotion and most of it is junk. But I can assure you if you were to deliver good quality content to your followers, they would be the first ones to read about what you have to say.

Think about the magazines or blogs you enjoy reading. They have that "special element", that 'pzazz'. They think about you first and then about them. Meaning, they focus on delivering great quality content, and not solely promoting.

Unless you are a multimillion or multibillion media company that's getting paid millions to push ads, respect your audience.

Give, give, give...and then ask. Always focus on providing value first.

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres BlueMediaOnline


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