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  • Josh Torres

Opportunity on the midst of uncertainty

It’s not secret that the world is undergoing through some never before seen changes. With COVID-19, flu season, people getting sick left and right and the media, it’s easy to get distracted and go into panic mode. While some businesses think about contracting, clever business are thinking about expansion. As social media consumption increases more and more as days go by, now is the best time to leverage your digital assets and build long lasting trust with your audience. Here’s what you can do:

- Follow up - in times of uncertainty it’s easy for people to feed on fear and lose hope. Let your customers know that you are taking all precautionary measures to provide them with the best customer experience and safety.

- Stay in constant communication - If people are glued to their phones and computer, why not take that opportunity to educate and provide value to your audience? If you have an email list, messenger list, SMS or a social following, use those channels to create top of mind awareness and stay in touch.

- Post more content - With the ongoing situation, Facebook made some amazing changes to their platform by increasing the organic reach your content has and by lowering the cost of ads for all media buyers. This means that it will cost less to reach 1,000 people compared to what it cost a few weeks back. Take advantage of this and start growing your digital assets if you haven’t done so.

- Keep a growth mindset. This is your best bet on difficult times. What can you do now to be prepared for the next crisis? How can you reduce the changes of being affected if something similar were to occur again? Think ahead.

- Shift your focus. Focus on leadership and growth. While your customers are picking up their 24th pack of toilet paper and reading the news, if you are not there for them, you are letting them know that after this resolves (and it will resolve), you did not have their best interest at heart.

- Focus on opportunity and retention. This should be your marketing focus. If you need to book ahead, focus on that. Train your team on what to say and how to say it. Pivot and adapt. Time to get ahead.

- Express yourself with certainty and clarity. If you are paralyzed by having a fear mindset, you will be transferring those feelings of uncertainty to your audience. Be confident and results driven. Turn your team into leaders.

- Run more ads! Ads are getting cheaper by the second. Strategize on how you can leverage advertising to achieve future success.

- Push the reset button. Now is the perfect time to work on your systems, team, marketing, content, resources, in office processes, etc. and come out through the other side stronger and with a healthier businesses.

- This is the time to take the Victor mindset, not the victim mindset. We all are all in the same playing field. While some complain, others are putting in the work - and the difference will show.

- Position yourself as an industry leader.

These are just a few things you can start working on immediately. The takeaway here is that you can pivot and adapt. You are in control.

Remember the Persian adage, “This too shall pass”.

If you would like help with implementation, feel free to reach me at

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres

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