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Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency Simplified Approach to Capture More Medical Leads

Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency Simplified Approach to Capture More Medical Leads
Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency Simplified Approach to Capture More Medical Leads

Times are changing quickly.

The same ol' strategies that used to work before are no longer the most effective plastic surgery marketing strategies today.

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are changing quickly, and if you're not adapting and implementing what works best, soon you may see results start to take a dive; and with it the amount of leads you capture.

That being said, at Blue Media Online, a Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency in Las Vegas, NV, we want to share medical marketing strategies that will bring you more leads and drive more revenue, while continuing to stay top of mind and relevant in your customers mind.

1. Creating Evergreen Medical Marketing Content.

This may sound like an obvious response but the amount of businesses that skip this part is astronomical. When you create evergreen content, you are basically choosing to stay relevant by using medical SEO and relevant keywords to your industry.

The content you share today should be content that lives on and is searched for, for months and years to come. That's one big way you can consistently attract qualified leads that know who you are and what you do.

A second approach is creating video content that educates, builds trust and positions you as the industry leader in front of your ideal audience. By consistently creating content and utilizing the platforms where your audience lives in, (think TikTok marketing, Facebook and Instagram marketing, and YouTube as well), you can repurpose it to fit each platforms format. For example, YouTube shorts, IG Reels and TikTok use the same vertical video format. Meaning one video can be shared across 3 platforms with no additional effort. Simultaneously, you can take a longer video and extract shorter clips to share. It's an easy and effective way to stay relevant, grow your audience and capture more leads.

And the best part is your competitors are most likely not doing this so you have the whole market to yourself.

So take creating evergreen content seriously.

Which now takes us to point #2...

2. Running Lead Generation Campaigns.

Running ads can be one of the most profitable marketing decisions you make for your medical practice. As a Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency owner, at Blue Media Online we make sure all of our clients are taken care off with medical marketing strategies that capture leads for surgical and non-surgical procedures, so they have a consistent influx of patients coming in. Our Plastic Surgery Marketing approach focuses on building trust > capturing high quality leads > follow up system to turn those leads into appointments booked. We have a full systematic approach to this. If you'd like to learn more about it, feel free to book a call with us here.

That being said, I don't recommend running ads and blindly trying to figure out what works best by trial and error since this can be very consuming of time and resources. We've had clients that have invested over a years time and tens of thousands of dollars just to return to us because their ads weren't working.

The three main areas to invest in if you want to run profitable Facebook ads and Instagram ads, are knowing who is your core audience (targeting), investing into your creatives (videos), having a follow up system to convert the captured leads into appointments (system and process).

Which brings us to our last point...

3. Identify, Grow and Nurture your Audience.

Advertising and creating content isn't just about selling. Sure, you want to increase revenue and generate an ROI, but there is an art into doing it effectively without repelling your customers by being too salesy.

When you identify your ideal customer, you are speaking to their wants and needs, their goals and their dreams. You know that you have what they want and you want them to know that. So you use content and ads to build trust, capture leads and nurture.

But you can't sell immediately to someone that is not ready to buy from you. That's where nurturing comes in. While some people are ready to take their credit cards out to buy from you, others need a bit more information and rapport building before making a decision. It's not that they are not interested. You just have to take your time and play the long game.

Building an email list and SMS list are perfect tools for this. Just remember to be strategic on how you nurture your leads (a lead is a person after all). When your audience is ready to make a buying decision, you’ll be the first and/or only option that comes to mind.

Now comes the most important part, implementation. Without it, nothing else matters.

So if you found this useful and would like to work with us or learn more about our medical marketing services, you can reach me at or go here to book a call with me.

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres

Owner of Blue Media Online

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