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Plastic Surgery Marketing: Profitable Retargeting Strategies for 2023

Plastic Surgery Marketing: Profitable Retargeting Campaigns for 2023
Plastic Surgery Marketing: Profitable Medical Marketing Retargeting Campaigns for 2023

When it comes to Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies, 2023 will be the best year yet for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok ads!

That being said, let's talk about remarketing and how to utilize Plastic Surgery marketing strategies for your medical practice.

Did you know that there are Medical marketing strategies you can use to identify and target people that are most likely to buy from you? They are called medical retargeting strategies.

It’s one of the best ways to create repeat customers, build brand awareness and increase revenue in your business.

All you need are 3 assets, which most Med Spas and healthcare businesses have but don’t know how to correctly leverage to generate more leads, phone calls or consultations.

Those 3 assets are:

  1. Email list

  2. Social media

  3. Website.

These 3 powerful digital assets have the unique advantage that you can use them to create remarketing campaigns to capture higher quality leads, increase placed phone calls and schedule more appointments for your medical practice. As a Plastic Surgery marketing agency, we use these strategies day in and day out to deliver incredible results for our clients.

If you are not using remarking ads and other Plastic Surgery marketing strategies, you are skipping one of the most powerful, and profitable, advertising tools available.

Let’s break it down:

👉🏼 Social Remarketing - Healthcare Marketing:

Here live the people that know, like and trust you. These are the individuals that consume your content consistently and have seen your work. Social proof is strong here.

When it comes to medical marketing, you have a combination of people at different buying stages: people that want to buy, are ready to buy, will buy in the near future or are still considering. Your ads (and content) should target consumers in their respective buying stage. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a large amount of potential buyers.

👉🏼 Medical Website Retargeting:

These are the warmest leads available. You want to prioritize capturing leads in this stage since they are looking at your website services in real time. Healthcare marketing for doctors can help you with that.

Timing here is crucial. Ask yourself, what cosmetic service is this person really interested in? You can obtain that information using Facebook Pixel data and create medical Facebook ads to target them. You have a small window of opportunity here to turn that prospect into a buyer by capturing them as a lead or getting them to call you.

👉🏼 Plastic Surgery Email List:

Here we want to focus on the people that haven’t bought from you yet and on creating repeat customers.

Provide a combination of education and strategic selling of your cosmetic services. Education builds brand and goodwill —> People buy from people they know, like and trust. —> More transactions by decreasing buyer resistance.

Plastic Surgery Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool. We use it at Blue Media Online, one of the best Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies in Las Vegas, to generate five to six figures in revenue, per month, for some of our Plastic Surgery marketing clients. Eventhough we talk much about medical marketing, we are also a MedSpa marketing agency.

If you’re interested in learning more about retargeting ads and uncover potential marketing opportunities in your medical practice, send me an email at or feel free to visit our website by clicking here.

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres

Owner of Blue Media Online

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