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  • Josh Torres

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy To Attract New Patients To Your Medical Practice

“Advertising brings awareness, testimonial advertising brings customers” - John Patterson.

From all of the different Plastic Surgery marketing strategies we've implemented for our clients, one of the most powerful has been the testimonial marketing.

Preferably in video format.

Why video?

For a few reasons:

- Video marketing is much more engaging compared to a still image.

- Video testimonials can be used in advertising campaigns to generate thousands of views for less than a penny (per view) by strategically placing your ads in front of people that are searching online for the Plastic Surgery services you offer.

- Listening to your patient talk about their experience, describing it in their own words, creates a connection of empathy and understanding with the viewer. Don't overlook this!

- It's been proven to generate better results. Meaning, more quality leads generated.

If your customers are saying great things about you and your business, you have a unique opportunity where your customers are already selling your services for you - it builds trust, credibility and superior positioning!

Testimonial advertising is a very effective Plastic Surgery marketing technique.

Unfortunately, as we've seen in Blue Media Online - a digital marketing agency in Las Vegas, not many use testimonial marketing.

Posting testimonials is great, but it isn’t nearly as effective as advertising it.

This is the type of campaign that can generate an endless amount of paying customers if done right.

What is said about you is a hundred times more powerful than what you say about yourself.

Use this Plastic Surgery marketing strategy to your advantage.

Let your best customers tell their story and sell it for you.

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres

Owner of Blue Media Online


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