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  • Josh Torres

Still Relying on Word of Mouth and Referrals to Grow your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice?

Still Relying on Word of Mouth and Referrals to Grow your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice?

If you’re relying solely on referrals and word of mouth to grow your Plastic Surgery Medical Practice or Medical Spa, without doing any type of digital marketing, your potential for business growth is still astronomical.

We are about to start working with this famous Plastic Surgeon that has been getting recurring business year after year, and they’ve seen tremendous growth is the last 6 months alone without doing any type of digital marketing.

No content creation, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Tik Tok ads, Google PPC ads...nothing.

They haven’t invested into their marketing because of time constraints, being busy with the day to day tasks and even admitted they lacked the team and knowledge to know how to generate a positive ROI.

Since we are a Marketing Agency for Plastic Surgeons, we came in and developed a detailed plan for them.

Apart from the potential a content creation and the advertising plan will have on their Plastic Surgery medical practice, what really surprised them was knowing that we would save them more time, improve their in-office lead management and sales system to something much more efficient, all while building their online presence at the same time.

This wasn’t a “I’ll get you more leads and more website traffic” type of conversation.

Those things don’t necessarily lead to more growth and much less to booked consultations.

Instead, our conversion revolved more around using practical frameworks and proven marketing strategies to improve all the moving parts of their business and make them more efficient.

That’s why Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Med Spas, and other medical practices want to work with us.

It’s about much more than just launching a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign and hope for the best.

It’s about improving what you have, bringing real results and more money to your pocket.

At Blue Media Online we help grow your medical practice by using the best marketing strategies and systems.

If you’re investing into your marketing and you haven’t got the slightest clue of how well it’s working for you, click here. Let’s chat. We may have a few cool things to share with you.

To your success,

Josh Torres

CEO of BlueMediaOnline


If you're interested in working with us, send me an email at or book a call directly with us through here -->

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