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  • Josh Torres

Success is a compilation of micro commitments done over an extended period of time.

These micro commitments are the foundation of business success.

It’s doing the small boring things that most gloss over and procrastinate on.

We think of these micro-commitments as not as important so we decide to start tomorrow or do this other thing instead.

"Maybe if we don’t think about it it won’t become a problem…"

I've been there. Guilty as charge! 🙋🏼

You see this a lot especially in marketing.

You want the success that comes from having a marketing strategy, but you don’t stick to the plan in the first place.

You quickly switch from one thing to the next.

Never really getting anything done.

It’s expecting the highest return with little to no work, in the least amount of time.

Disrespecting the process.

Here's my advice:

Stay the course.

Make the commitment.

The results will show.


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