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The Biggest Opportunities for Medical Marketing Practices, Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas

I made a post a week ago about how effective medical marketing and social media advertising can lead to quick wins if you know how to implement the right strategy at the right time. Allowing you to take advantage of low hanging fruit.

Especially now that we find ourselves well into Q4 and the Holiday's almost here, being practical in your Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok advertising campaigns and content strategy can pay off BIG TIME.

So today I wanted to share with you a few practical ways you can stand out and capture more business - from a Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency

Medical Marketing Strategies Require You Test, Test, Test.

Some of the most profitable Healthcare marketing campaigns we've implemented for our clients have been Medical Lead Generation ads that go against the grain. While we've seen direct response ads perform incredibly well in some areas, educational ads do better in other places. Keep in mind, some people are ready to buy when they see your ads while others just aren't. If you are willing to test (and test quickly), you can gather information about your campaign and test different variables until you find what works best for you. Don't get discouraged if you don't see the results you were expecting, go back to the drawing board and make some changes.

Use Relevant Keywords and Search Terminology in your Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy.

This goes beyond your basic website SEO strategies. Using keywords and phrases relevant to your industry is also applicable to all social media platforms. Search engines like Google have noticed a migration of search terminology going into social platforms because people are starting to use TikTok and Instagram to search for specific products and services. This opens up a new set of opportunities to create evergreen content that can be easily found, consumed and shared by your target audience, leading to more visibility, leads and conversions.

Using Dynamic Creatives.

Dynamic creatives allow Facebook, Instagram and medical TikTok ads to choose between the different creatives you have and use the ones that are likely to perform best. It's optimized at the level of the individual user.

As a Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency owner, I recommend having evergreen content ready to use for your ads. Stock images are still good if you don’t have pictures or videos but you’ll likely be recycling over those in your ads fairly quickly. You can also drive costs down if your creatives resonate with your target audience. Something to keep in mind.

Medical Spa Marketing Broad Based Targeting.

I’m a fan of detailed targeting but you can’t ignore the data behind leaving your targeting open at times. With Medical Spa Marketing Strategies, when you eliminate detailed based targeting, you are allowing Facebook and Instagram to use the data they already have from your previous ad performance, to find good leads at a lower cost.

You’re giving social platforms access to enter different cost effective bids to find better leads in places you haven’t targeted before. At Blue Media Online, our Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency, we've seen this perform really well in some of our client accounts.

Preventing Ad Fatigue with Medical Marketing

With Q4 and during the Holiday’s, Plastic Surgery marketing ads tend to fatigue quicker than most realize. We’re talking after days or weeks from launch. You need to pay close attention to specific metrics such as link clicks, lead costs and CPMs in order to pivot quickly. It may not be an obvious finding but you won't go wrong switching things up just in case.

If you're starting to see your marketing efforts produce less, we can help. Send me an email at or go here and schedule a free strategy call with me. To your marketing success, Josh Torres Blue Media Online

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