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  • Josh Torres

This is why Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas need a Social Media Marketing Expert

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This is why Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas need a Social Media Marketing Expert

Working with Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas is about much more than just being a results driven social media marketer.

Don't get me wrong, without results to show for, nothing else matters.

But there’s an innate duty and responsibility to educate and inform clients (like your Medical Practice) of the right chess pieces that need to be moved.

After all, if I own a Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency, it's my responsibility to provide a complete service to my clients.

They care about what you’re doing for them and the results you generate, but they also see you as a leading social media expert.

Meaning, they rely on you to keep them up to date, to provide insights, ideas, solutions and Plastic Surgery marketing tips.

It’s about having open-ended dialogue on where improvements can be made, what to expect, what to do when identifying bottlenecks and how to de-bottle to grow to the next level.

Not only are you putting you best foot forward and doing your best work, but remember you’re their main source of information.

You know what optimizations need to be done, how to tackle certain issues and how to improve results.

That’s why they hire a Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency like mine.

You know the path ahead, they don’t.

Be their guide and trusted advisor.

Be their Social Media Marketing Agency.


If you’re looking for an A+ marketing team that will not only deliver great results for you but also guide and educate you through your marketing and advertising journey, send us an email at and let's chat.

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