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This One Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy Can Drive 5 and 6 Figures to your Practice per Month

This One Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy Has Generated 5 and 6 Figures in Revenue to Our Med Spa and Plastic Surgeon Clients
This One Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy Has Generated 5 and 6 Figures in Revenue to Our Med Spa and Plastic Surgery Clients

Did you know that the average website converts at about 2-5%?

To put that in perspective, out of every 100 website visitors, on average 2-5 people sign up for your newsletter, claim a special offer or sign up to become a lead through your website.

By most measures, that percentage is kinda low.

Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily people coming in for an appointment or to learn more about your Plastic Surgery services.

Simply put, these are just unspecific leads that may never convert.

Which raises a good question...

What happens to the other 95-98% of website traffic that leave your website without taking action?

As a Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency, the truth is that most visitors that leave your website immediately start searching for someone else. e.g. your competitors.

If this scenario sounds much too familiar, then increasing website traffic isn’t the best solution. (For now...)

It’s like pouring water into a leaking bucket and wondering why it’s never full. You can keep coming back to refill your bucket but the issue still persists: you need a new vessel.

Which means less qualified leads, less appointments, less products sold, less revenue.

If you can relate to this, you aren’t alone.

(That's why I've made it my mission to help with Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips like these).

Unfortunately, many Med Spas and Plastic Surgeons operate this way without ever knowing about it.

They keep repeating the same digital marketing mistakes, spending thousands of dollars on ads every month without any results to show for it, wondering what they're doing wrong.

However, there is much you can still do to recover from this.

First, know that you haven’t lost all that traffic even after the website visitors left your website.

Without changing anything, you can still recover that 95-98% of people that left without taking any action.


There’s a highly effective strategy I like to use where we leverage the Facebook Pixel to target specific pages within your website that people already visited. Once we've identified the pages we want to target and the one's that received the most traffic, we can gather that data, upload it into Facebook and Instagram ads and run targeted Plastic Surgery marketing campaigns to your most engaging website visitors.

Imagine someone seeing your video testimonial ad after visiting your testimonials page; or someone that just viewed your Liposuction service, that now starts seeing videos about Liposuction all around social media.

These ads are laser targeted and perform incredibly well!

What we’re doing here is reinforcing what they just saw by staying top of mind and positioning you as the industry leader.

It’s a highly effective way to build rapport and trust with your audience, while increasing conversions.

This way you don't have to google "how to marketing plastic surgery" and end up with nothing.

What makes this strategy (website —> specific video ad —> Conversion ad) so different from other marketing strategies is how we took someone that didn't know about you but was searching for what you offer, and turned them into a warmed up prospect ready to make a decision. All because we followed through and had multiple touch points with that person.

You became the authority figure in their eyes.

With this in place, you can drive all the website traffic you want knowing you can exponentially increase conversions as you re-target them with specialized Plastic Surgery marketing campaigns.

To your success, Josh Torres Owner of Blue Media Online ------------------------- Need help with your marketing efforts? Email me at josh@bluemediaonline . You can also book a time to chat with me by clicking this link. --->

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