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  • Josh Torres

Use This Simple Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy To Get More Patients with Facebook Ads

Want a simple advertising tactic to bring back to life underperforming Facebook ad campaigns for your Plastic Surgery medical practice?

Duplicate them.

By duplicating your ads you’re refreshing Facebook’s, Linkedin’s and Instagram’s AI algorithm while at the same time removing any type of ad fatigue.

Ad fatigue starts when you’ve used the same ads, messaging, targeting and creative for some time without making any changes to your campaign.

I’ve seen businesses run the exact same ads for months, even YEARS without ever taking a second look at their performance and wonder why their campaigns are underperforming and costs rising.

Running a profitable marketing agency for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas isn't about "set it and forget it".

Ads require consistent monitoring and optimization to deliver above average results.

That's what makes us different at Blue Media Online - as a Digital Marketing Agency we truly care about the results we generate for our clients.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of unqualified digital marketers and freelancers that overpromise and dramatically underdeliver on their results because they lack the knowledge and experience to run profitable campaigns.

However, here are a few indicators to look at to identify if your ads are starting to fatigue:

- People don’t respond to your offer.

- Costs are starting to increase.

- Results start to decrease until they stagnate.

- The quality of the leads starts diminishing.

By duplicating your campaigns and adding new creatives you can bring back to life almost any ad, dramatically improving your results.

This is how we've been able to grow and scale the practices of Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas we work with, while saving them time, effort and driving them revenue.

If you're interested in working with us, send me an email at or book a call directly with us through here -->

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres

Owner of Blue Media Online

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