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  • Josh Torres

Why are some Cosmetic Surgeons seeing a rather dramatic decrease on their social media engagement?

Regardless of the platform that you use (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram), algorithm changes can really destroy your engagement and reach online.

As a mater of fact, they can turn your page completely obsolete, to the point that no mater how much you post your content will not be seen.

For the average page, Facebook will show your content to only 3% - 5% of your followers, which makes it really difficult to be discovered, announce promotions or bring in new people to your practice.

There is no need to fall prey to the algorithm.

Instead, you can focus on increasing engagement by strategically choosing which pieces of content you can promote.

I'm not talking about "boosting your post" like Facebook and Instagram recommend.

To be honest, those features lack important features and are not reliable.

They were made for beginners that don't know any better.

Choosing to promote and distribute your content as an expert will not only increase your engagement dramatically, but will bring more attention to your business at the same time.

Therefore, knowing what to do and how to do it is a critical aspect to attracting more people to your practice and experiencing business growth.


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