• Josh Torres

Why Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas should not have an Internal Digital Marketing Team

Having an in-house digital marketing person can be one of the most damaging decisions you can make for your business, costing you tens of thousands of dollars per month in opportunity cost.


Because you’re indirectly incentivizing work and control, over efficiencies, skillset and results.

I’ve worked closely with many Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons and Med Spas that hire advertisers, Facebook ads managers and SEO teams for their in-house marketing efforts and pay them by the hour.

The problem with this approach is that unless you're spending tens of thousands of dollars per day (yes, per day), you don't need a specialized team working on a campaign for hours on end.

If anything, working on a campaign too much multiple times a day will decrease results.

And the truth is, it isn’t their fault.

They were told to just go, go, go.

Doing one thing after another with no end in sight.

It ends up becoming a constraint within your business if they can’t implement something they know little about or lack the experience.

Some even try regurgitating what they hear from others without ever trying it themselves.

Which is why most businesses end up hiring an external specialized digital marketing team.

A team that has the battle scars, the mileage to know what they’re talking about, and the ability to generate the results you’re looking for.

At Blue Media Online we are a digital marketing agency located in Las Vegas that focuses on generating results. Our focus is not on working the most amount of hours but on growing and scaling your business by driving more revenue.

As one of the best marketing agencies for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas, our goal is to help bring more patients to your practice and increase revenue.

If you'd like to work with us, email me at or book a discovery call with us at .

To your marketing success,

Josh Torres

Owner of Blue Media Online

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