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Welcome to Blue Media Online!

Our goal is to help business owners like yourself build their online presence by using social networks. As Digital Marketers, growing and scaling your business is our priority.

A lot of businesses don’t know how to reach their ideal customer and deliver results. This leaves them feeling confused and frustrated because they want to grow their business but don’t know how. If you're going to invest your time and hard earned money, you most certainly want someone that can deliver and thoughtfully explain what they will do for you.


As a social media marketing agency owner, we understand how  to feel frustrated and stuck. Everyone tells you social media is the way to go but you don't have the results to show for it or the time to learn it. Don’t waste any more of your precious time & resources trying to figure this out by yourself. After all, your business is suffering for it. We have seen businesses struggle and lose it all. This is why we care seeing your business succeed.


If you aren't serious about scaling and growing your business, Blue Media Online is not for you. However, if you are serious about creating engaging content, growing your social media, running Facebook ads, creating top of mind awareness, you've come to the right place.


Let Blue Media Online help you succeed by building your online community and attract the high quality customers you deserve.


Josh Torres

Owner of BlueMediaOnline




Social Media

Looking to grow your account and monetize it? We got the thing for you. We manage all of your social media accounts. Our services range from posting, management, engagement, building brand awareness and proper brand positioning. 

Advanced Facebook Advertising

Looking to attract more paying customers? We run multiple campaigns such as: Traffic, Engagement, Brand awareness, Leads and Conversions. The purpose of these campaigns is to generate get more customers interested in your business. We also create customized audiences, run advance re-targetting campaigns & prepare high quality videos. After the objective is complete, we break down the collected data, and explain it in a way that makes sense. 

Email Marketing 

We build your email list organically or with paid advertising. After obtaining their email address, we contact them by sending daily, weekly or monthly emails about your services, offers, information, etc. We make sure it's integrated into your website and social media platforms so we can collect high quality leads while you run your business. We offer email blasts, email segmentation, lead capture, and much more. 

Google & YouTube Ads

Want to know how to get more people with YouTube and Google ads? YouTube is one of the best platforms to build brand and get more customers at a cheaper price. We make sure you show up in the first page of Google for people that are searching for your services or products. With detailed keyword optimization, we make sure you are getting in front of the right people. Get more phone calls, website visits, and more people to your store.

Messenger Marketing

Give your business a fast and convenient way for people to get in touch, schedule appointments, ask questions about your products and services, build personal connections with your customers, and more.


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